Track Office Productivity with Glass Dry Erase Boards

Today’s office environment thrives on glass, chrome, and modern architecture. One of the most popular elements in office design is the use of glass to create an open-concept setup. Did you know that you could complement this interior décor scheme with glass dry erase boards for office productivity?


Enlighten Mobile Glass Whiteboard by Best-Rite

A Glass Dry Erase Board Calendar Tracks Projects and Teams

The black magnetic dry erase monthly calendar by Best-Rite measures 18 inches by 24 inches. Its dry-erase properties allow for consistent adjustments to changing values. Because the backdrop consists of black glass, a white chalk pen is an ideal accessory for this product. Mount the board with a keyhole system, so it sits flush on the wall.

Another Best-Rite option is the magnetic glass dry erase weekly planner. This one displays in the upright setting versus the landscape formation. Therefore, it is ideal for weekly notations and project tracking. When things change quickly in your business, this tracker is the perfect addition for motivating the team.

A Glass Dry Erase Board on Wheels is Ideal for the Collaborative Office

Collaborative office spaces are now becoming the norm. The days of cubicles and formal meetings are quickly coming to an end. Therefore, it makes sense to have a stylish mobile glass dry erase board that quickly travels to where the meeting of the minds takes place.

Black Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Monthly Calendar by Best-Rite

Choose a full-length product that measures three feet by four feet or four feet by six feet. Because there are dual magnetic writing surfaces, you can work on an extensive project or even on two projects at the same time. Pick a standard white color or go for one that is blue, green red, orange, yellow, navy, purple, or black.


A Full-Size Black Glass Dry Erase Board Boosts Conference Room Meetings and Employee Training

Pick a full-size black glass dry erase board that appeals to your audiences. When bigger is better, the four feet by eight feet model is ideal. The stylish black glass looks impressive in your conference or training room. Other sizes include two feet by three feet, three feet by four feet, and four feet by six feet.

Visionary Exo Magnetic Black Glass Dry Erase Board with Exo Tray by Best-Rite


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