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Whiteboards are still a relatively new product, although they are the standard writing surface found in school classrooms today.  Even if you use a dry erase whiteboard, you may still be behind the curve on whiteboard maintenance and cleaning.  Best-Rite has created a helpful site to provide information to you about the proper care you should take to keep your classroom whiteboard in pristine condition.

Green Erase Whiteboard Cleaner

Even the top level whiteboard, porcelain steel, needs some occasional TLC to continue preforming to the high demands of your busy classroom. Erasable markers, such as Rite-On markers, contain an ink that dries instantly and should be easily erased.  After a period of use, a film or haze could develop on the surface of the board, which is the result of the ink residue that might not be completely removed when the board is erased. Even though the film exists, the marker colors remain vivid.

By using Green EraseTM or a spray-on type of glass cleaner, the board may be given a thorough cleaning. Simply spray the whiteboard surface and briskly rub with a clean microfiber cloth. Rinse with clear water.  Avoid using caustic or abrasive type cleaners. Watch this video to learn more about Green Erase whiteboard spray.

To make sure that your board lasts you for years, you can follow a few simple rules for use:

  • Only use markers designated as dry-erase – do not use permanent markers, highlighters, coloring markers, etc.
  • Do not apply any sort adhesive to the board – this includes tape, glue, sticky tak, etc.
  • Erase your board with whiteboard erasers only. Do not use any sort of abrasive to erase marks from the board.
  • Do not allow dry erase marks to remain on the board for longer than 24 hours before they are erased – this can cause a “ghost” of the text to remain on the board. If ghosting occurs use the Green Erase or glass cleaner to remove.
  • Once a week, use MooreCo Green EraseTM board cleaner spray to clean your entire whiteboard. Lightly rinse the board with clean water afterwards.  This will keep your board surface protected and make ghosting less likely to happen.

Who’s Best-Rite?  Well, they’ve been manufacturing quality commercial and educational products for several decades and have high expectations for their visual communications products.  They are the go-to company for all things whiteboard and dry erase related.

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