Classroom Dry Erase Boards Engage Students and Promote Learning

At one time, it intimidated students when a teacher sent a child to the board to show his work.  Today, this type of active involvement is commonplace and encouraged in schools. Teachers can use a variety of classroom dry erase boards to get students not just listening, but writing to reinforce learning.

Dry Erase Whiteboards from Best-Rite
Dry Erase Whiteboards from Best-Rite

Every teacher needs a large whiteboard in the classroom that is big enough for the entire class to see.  Whether posting assignments or teaching a lesson, this board is usually the focal point of the room.  Helpful features in a large white board include a magnetized surface, a tack strip at the top, and a low glare.

Many schools are starting to upgrade their large classroom dry erase boards to interactive whiteboards.  Teachers can still write and wipe off with dry erase markers, but with the right equipment, they can project anything from their computer onto the whiteboard.  Depending on software, the board essentially turns into a user-friendly touch screen – a great benefit for educators and students.

A classroom set of smaller white boards is very useful to many teachers.  Small, lap-sized boards enable students to work independently during whole group instruction.  Teachers like to use these individual dry erase boards for:

  • math problems
  • spelling quizzes
  • vocabulary words
  • Science and Social Studies questions
Dry Erase Answer Paddle Sets by Flipside
Dry Erase Answer Paddle Sets by Flipside

These small white boards are the perfect way for a teacher to give a short quiz after a lesson to assess how much students retained and whether re-teaching is necessary.

White boards are an essential part of the classroom, and teachers can use different types of boards in a variety of ways to help students learn the curriculum.  Contact us to find the best dry erase boards for your school so these tools can be put to use soon.

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