3 Classroom Dry Erase Board Games for Elementary School Teachers

It’s no secret that games help keep children entertained in the classroom, but did you know the endless possibilities for learning and entertainment with dry erase boards? Learn how to energize your students with dry erase boards on hand.

3 Classroom Dry Erase Board Games for Elementary School Teachers

Whether your classroom has a wall mounted whiteboard, portable dry erase board or individual Best-Rite student lap boards , these activities are an interactive way to reinforce lessons.

Collaborative Storytelling

Arm each child with a marker before you begin this game. Then, have the students line up in a row in anticipation of fun and learning. Start by writing one word on your dry erase board, such as “My” or “The” and then ask each child in line to add a word to the board to ultimately form a sentence. The kids get to create a colorful story by adding words with the dry erase markers and in the end, learn more about collaboration and language.

Storytelling Dry Erase Whiteboard

Connect the Dots

Start this interactive game by adding dots with a marker to your dry erase board. You can add dots in a square pattern with 10 horizontal and 10 vertical. Next, play a game where your students have to connect the dots. When playing in pairs, each child has a different colored dry erase marker and has to try and create as many squares as possible. When playing with a group of children, see how many patterns they can create just by connecting the dots.

White-Board Sighting

Dry erase boards and magnets go hand-in-hand in the classroom. Make good use of those magnetic letters by teaching your students sight words. You can arrange letters to make a word the students have to identify or you can play a game where groups of students have to see how many words they can create by arranging the magnetic letters on the dry erase board. Regardless of whether or not you create a challenge or reward the winning team, this game is a great way to make use of your dry erase board and your students’ minds.

Die-Cut Magnetic Sight Words from Ashley Productions
Die-Cut Magnetic Sight Words from Ashley Productions

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