What To Consider When Updating Your Culinary Arts Program

Are the sinks and work tables at your culinary arts program looking dilapidated?  Are you in denial that your equipment stand was always a little wobbly?  Perhaps your trusty pan rack has experienced so many bumps that it’s now bent out of shape?  Regardless of the situation, refreshing your culinary program’s infrastructure  is critical for student success.  Our selection of modern stainless steel Compartment Sinks, heavy duty Bun Pan Racks, and Food Prep Tables ensure you can update your teaching equipment based on your budget.  What should you be looking for?

NSF Certification

Your first act when picking a replacement part is to make sure the National Science Foundation has put its seal of approval on it.  One excellent product endorsed by the NSF is the Stainless Steel Prep Sink by Shain.  When you are working with food, you’ll want equipment that can meet the safety and durability standards of an independent and well-respected quality control organization such as the NSF.

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Fits In Your Space

Unless you are doing a complete overhaul of every room, you will need the sinks you are replacing to fit in the old space. Measure them carefully before looking at new options. Make sure you take into account any air gaps found between drains.  Health inspectors are sticklers about preventing backflow.

Another thing to check for is shelf space. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to determine if overhead shelves could be squeezed in given the amount of working space every kitchen needs.

Stainless Steel Over Shelves by Shain


Food has a way of getting inside nooks and crannies. It’s hard to clean once it is ground in and it’s something a teacher or health inspector will surely notice. Make everyone’s life easier by ensuring work tables, shelves and equipment stands have smooth surfaces. That way, food has nowhere to hide and your students have an easier time cleaning up after themselves.

Good Fit For Your Students

If your students often attend class appearing grimy, you might want to invest a heavy duty wash station such as the Stainless Steel Compartment Sink by Shain. If they lean toward the shorter side, you might want to get more equipment tables instead of making them reach for high shelves.

High Quality Stainless Steel Compartment Sinks by Shain


An NSF certification ensures solid quality control and precision craftsmanship but is it tough enough for you? Students and teachers are hard on equipment so check the quality of the materials whenever possible to ensure the equipment can handle years of teaching prospective chefs in your culinary arts program.

Check out our line of NSF Certified Culinary Arts Equipment and give your future chefs an artistic edge in their culinary journey!

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