Workshop and Tool Storage for Staying Organized

Still storing screwdrivers in an old metal coffee can? Tool storage cabinetWhat about the wrenches.  Are they crammed in a shoe box or drawer?  You took time and money to purchase all those amazing tools. Now you’re sharing your expertise with students. You take woodworking seriously. Isn’t it time to take your workshop seriously, too?

Worthington Direct offers a variety of workshop and tool storage to help create the ultimate workshop area.  Whether you’re in a small community room that you share with others, or lucky enough to have a large industrial arts classroom designated just for woodworking, we can help you keep tools clean, organized and ready for use.

Our wall mounted tool storage cabinet is just right for a room with wall space and limited floor space. With a pegboard interior, this storage unit makes you in charge of how to hang the tools. And all doors lock for safe keeping.

What woodworker can resist our tool storage cabinet? Just thinking about it makes any handy-person anxious to design and build a project. With shelves and bins for storage, this floor mounted cabinet will make any student want to stay past the end-of-class bell and keep building. Tool cabinets are available with tools too, just incase you are missing a hammer or two.

Of course, tools aren’t the only part of a workshop that need organizing. Our lumber racks will help you and your students keep lumber from piling up in a corner. Our metal and wood racks come in a variety of sizes.

Having an organized workshop will help you and your students stay focused on what’s important; building. You may even want your first project to be wooden recycle bins. It’ll give you a place to toss those old metal coffee cans and shoe boxes.

Contact us, Worthington Direct, for more information. We pride ourselves on product quality and customer service.

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