Storage Solutions for Cell Phones in the Classroom

Let’s face it, you can’t go anywhere these days without encountering someone who is absorbed in their cell phone. It seems that children are being given this powerful technology at increasingly younger ages. This is very frustrating for teachers who work hard to prepare lessons, only to find their students more absorbed in their shiny little squares of silicon.

Bin Storage Cart

Although modern technology can act as a great learning tool, many teachers are beginning to realize that realistically, many students will not use their technology in a productive way. When teachers finally get fed up with this distraction in the classroom, there is only one effective solution.

Remove it.

You don’t have to ban them from your classroom entirely of course, but make students put them away in a designated place where they won’t be distracted by them during the lesson.

Consider purchasing a bin storage cart, literature rack or cubbie and re-purposing it into a receptacle where students can safely store their phones before class. You could assign a unit in your storage unit for each student. Once teachers establish this as a routine, they may start to find that students are more focused because they don’t have the temptation of checking their phones for messages. Additionally, this will help students to learn how to withdraw from their technology and learn how to function without it.

Wood Mail Sorter for use as Phone Storage
Wood Mail Sorter by Safco Products

When we’re really honest with ourselves, a large portion of students will not be using their technology to help them learn. Instead, many will be using it to check social media, send texts, and surf the internet. This is why more teachers are coming to the conclusion that they just need to prohibit their use during class.

Additionally, when students are not distracted by their phones, there’s a greater chance that they’ll be actively involved in the lesson. When the principal comes in for an observation, they won’t see a room full of students on their phones. This is likely to reflect well on you as a teacher, because the principal will see that you are taking your job seriously and not allowing students to goof off during class. Likewise, you’ll be able to get your lesson across to students in a distraction-free environment.

Wall Mount or Desktop Charging Station
Wall Mount or Desktop Charging Station from Luxor

If you feel like there is going to be too much push-back from your students, consider sweetening the deal by providing a charging solution while their phone is off-limits. There are a number of charging stations and charging carts available to storage and charge multiple devices simultaneously. These stations can often also charge other devices such as tablets and laptops. You may find this new system of no-screen time a powerful solution for everyone!

Wall Mount Charging Station with Custom Graphics

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