The STEAM Education Movement

The STEM  and STEAM academic discipline has taken the educational system by storm with no evidence of slowing down. Teachers and professionals alike agree the innovative project-based learning is the best possible way the youth can gain knowledge of the world. The acronym meaning science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, guides students into unique paths of critical thinking and problem-solving.

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Within a STEM/STEAM classroom, you will notice it is far from the looks of a traditional class. STEM/STEAM education creates an atmosphere of sensory, where students learn through hands-on experience. The five senses are crucial at the beginning of life, and STEM/STEAM continues that idea of learning through sensory projects.


Instead of multiple-choice questions, the STEM/STEAM allows students to engage in the natural world around them. Some classrooms have labs and others use the great outdoors for scientific adventures.

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Jobs in the field of technology are growing faster than people can fill the positions. STEM/STEAM engages students with appropriate technological advances to adequately prepare them for a future that is increasing its technology advances.


Some students can follow directions verbally or written on paper. However, most students learn by doing. The STEM/STEAM curriculum provides explorations through tinkering, problem-solving, and experimenting.


The arts were added recently to the STEM curriculum for the most important reason of all. Our children and the future are creative. The millennial generations and their offspring have successfully tuned into unique ways to view the world through thought-provoking emotion. Therefore, arts empower educators and students to share openly, express ideas, and collaborate with others.

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Graduates of STEM/STEAM programs are on the right track to test theories and engage in future life-saving fields like healthcare.

Because of its success within student test scores and overall education, STEM/STEAM schools are popping up all over the country. Worthington Direct has everything to ensure success among this innovative community.

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