Keep Your Makerspace Free from Power Cords with These Three Changes

Makerspaces don’t have to be dangerous. But, by their very nature, there are a lot of hazardous tools, sharp equipment, and potential trip hazards around the room. This is just as true in a community-hosted makerspace as in a STEM classroom. While you can’t remove every potential danger without completely emptying out the room, you can design the space to remove one of the most prevalent tripping hazards: power cords.

Here are three tools that can help your makerspace be as cord-free as possible:

Multimedia Tables with On-Table Sockets

If you remember any well-designed garages or workspaces from ten or twenty years ago, they were filled with sockets built into the floor. Instead of having to arrange electronics or electrically-powered tools close to the walls, they could be arranged throughout the room. But even then the cords presented a large liability.

Engage Multimedia Tables from Smith System
Engage Multimedia Tables from Smith System

Instead, look for secure tables with electric modules built right into the top of the table’s surface. Most table power modules allow mutliple users to charge at once, reducing redundant cords running to the wall outlet. The fewer cords that are touching the floor, the better.

Wall- and Ceiling-Mounted Technology

Redirecting power cords away from people’s feet is a great way to make a crowded makerspace safer. But it’s even better to get rid of the cords when you can.

Wall Mount Projector from Balt
Wall Mount Projector from Balt

Opt for wall-mounted television brackets and ceiling-mounted projectors if you need presentation tech in the makerspace design room. Not only does that get rid of the power cords and save available sockets, but it also saves you walking and storage space, too.

Charge Carts

If the tools and computers are charged, then the power cords don’t need to be out on the floor in the first place. Look for storage solutions that encourage charging when the equipment isn’t in use. You may have to appoint someone to check that everything’s plugged in when a lesson or session is over.

Bretford Core Charging Cart
Bretford Core Charging Cart

Find the right charging cart for your classroom’s devices and storage needs. But charging laptops, power tools, and the rest of your equipment whenever it’s not in use is a great policy. Mobile power towers are also great to centralize your power hub. Add a rechargeable power tower in the center of your soft seating area for portable devices being used in your makerspace.

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