K12 STEAM Education Creates Skills for the Future

Science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics education, or STEAM, is an important topic in the education community. STEAM programs teach your kids essential skills beyond robotics and high-level math. A STEAM enriched K12 education teaches children and teenagers how to work in teams, manage projects, and research anything.

STEAM illustration from NYC Department of Design and Construction

Fostering Teamwork

STEAM centered programs group students into teams. Each team focuses on achieving a common goal, like making a robot or writing a computer program. Similar to lab-based classes, STEAM teams encourage students to delegate tasks and work together to solve tricky problems. These teams and projects prepare students to work together in college and beyond.

STEAM Multimedia Cart by Jonti-Craft

Project Management

Project-based learning helps students learn goal setting and how to stay focused until the end of a project. Students learn how to create smaller goals and break down complicated tasks when working on larger projects. Instead of becoming overwhelmed when faced with big problems, students will be prepared to form a plan and figure out a solution.

Two-Station Steel Workbench w/ 6 Locker Base by Diversified Woodcrafts

Building Research Skills

In an interview from Scholastic, Bill McDonald, Discovery Education’s curriculum director points out that modern problems require modern solutions. With the prevalence of the internet, students must learn how to research and solve problems on their own. The ability to research effectively transfers into the modern workplace as well. Employees are expected to research online for answers when a business has problems.

STEM Mobile Creativity Board by Jonti-Craft


STEAM education is becoming popular in K12 schools for good reason. Students learn important work and life skills to help them succeed in any circumstance. With today’s rapidly changing world, teamwork, problem-solving, project management, and research skills are becoming more critical than ever before.

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