Top 3 Tips for Church Furniture Buyers in Need of Choral Risers


Straight Portable Choral Risers by NPS


As churches reopen, you may be thinking about new furniture to adhere to the social distancing guidelines. You have been tasked with buying choral risers. Few church furniture buyers know what to look for. Do not worry! We have your back. Here are three tips for first-time choral riser buyers.

Know the Weight Limit

Choral risers must accommodate varying numbers of adults or children. That manufacturers must use heavy-duty steel tubing makes sense. After all, the material has to be able to deal with the weight. However, would you know the actual weight limit per square foot? When you invest in AmTab‘s straight choral risers, it is 250 pounds.

Straight Riser Set w/ Carpet Surface by AmTab

This product offers the added benefit of coming in varying depths – three feet or four feet – as well as widths – six feet or eight feet. Moreover, you have the option of configuring these risers as you need them, which can be different for a Sunday or midweek choir.


Factor in the Use of Instruments, Band Equipment, and Music Stands

Musical instruments take up space. When you need church furniture that allows a worship band to maximize available stage space, you cannot go wrong with a tiered riser. A pie section setup does not disappoint and allows sufficient space per tier for musicians.

4-Tier Seated Riser Carpeted Stage Pie by NPS

NPS has perfected the setup of multi-tiered systems. At widths of 36 inches or 48 inches, you accommodate a number of musicians on the stage. A plywood deck measuring three-quarters of an inch in thickness creates a safe surface that supports more than 200 pounds per square foot. This is more than enough for your musicians and their instruments.


Purchase with an Eye on Church Growth

Right now, you can make do with a two-level tapered choral riser. However, your church is growing. It is a good idea to anticipate the increase by preparing for larger productions. Take, for example, the four-level tapered choral riser by NPS. It is the ideal product for your current ensemble.

4 Level Tapered Choral Riser by NPS

However, it just as easily connects to another product with drop-in couplings. Therefore, you can prevent the look of a crowded choir presentation by having the next upgrade on hand. Add a back guardrail and a side guardrail for safety.


For answers to all your church furniture questions, connect with Worthington Direct today!

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