Science Teachers have the best toys, but also the most risk (a comment on safety in the science lab)

English teachers may have props from assigned books, and history teachers may have maps and a few artifacts, but everyone remembers the snake in Mrs. Davenport’s classroom, or the frog they dissected, or the time Mr. Warren set off an explosion to make the class jump. Science teachers have the best toys, and some of the most memorable hands-on classes. However, anytime students are doing a hands-on exercise, there is the chance of someone getting hurt. Which is why safety in the science lab is so essential and worth investing in the best-quality furnishings.

Science Tables:

Science tables and workstations come in many shapes, sizes, and perhaps most confusing, surfaces. While science tables are almost universally black, did you know that there are at least five general classes of table surfaces? It is best to choose a surface more capable than your daily needs; this will ensure your tables are always rated better than the chemicals your curriculum is designed around.

High-pressure laminate is the most economical and basic surface. This surface is best used for lecture, study, or harmless non-liquid experiments.

Chemguard surfaces are an excellent value for high school chemistry classrooms using a variety of weaker chemicals and heat sources. If you need a dual-purpose table for lecture and lab experiments, this is a good fit.

Phenolic resin surfaces are extremely chemical resistant and are typically thermofused, creating a seamless surface where the top meets the sides for ease of cleaning and disinfecting, a plus for biology labs.

Solid epoxy resin surfaces are the gold standard in science tables. They are impervious to normal chemicals and are heat and char resistant to the point of being considered self-extinguishing. For dedicated institutional use, solid epoxy resin tables are the best choice, presenting the best chemical and heat resistance and the most durable science table available.

Worthington Direct also supplies wheelchair-accessible workstations that meet ADA compliance regulations and ensure that the entire class is capable of participating and learning.

Storage Cabinets:

In the world of laboratory safety, it is essential that you control your space. Worthington Direct helps you establish this control by providing a wide variety of laboratory furniture, which can be mixed and matched within a room to meet the requirements of your lab. From casework cabinets to mobile storage cabinets to freestanding lab cabinets, there is a storage cabinet for all your lab equipment. Worthington Direct supplies storage cabinets designed specifically to store and charge microscopes, sanitize goggles/glasses, store science manipulatives, chemicals, and even skeletons. All storage cabinets lock to ensure that you control what is being used in each stage of the experiment.

Safety Stations:

Safety stations are found in several labs, which typically come equipped with a built-in shower, eyewash station and additional storage for first-aid supplies. For smaller labs, single clean-up sinks are a good substitute.

A mobile fume hood station is also available to filter volatile chemicals, liquids, and gases. The fume hood is enclosed by 5/16″ thick acrylic, letting the teacher demonstrate while students surround the hood.

For more information about Worthington’s laboratory products, or to have us help design your laboratory layout, contact us and speak with one of our highly trained associates today.

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