Fun Bulletin Board Ideas for April: Celebrate National Frog Month

April is an excellent time to roll out the Science Lab Tables, set out the Science Lab Stools and celebrate National Frog Month. There are lots of ways to incorporate froggy fun into the children’s classroom experience. Adopt one of our fun bulletin board ideas for April. We’ve listed several below for your consideration:

Focus on Frogs’ Life-Cycles

Pick up a copy of Gerald Legg’s book, From Tadpole to Frog, and make it the subject of April’s bulletin board. Designed for ages 5 through 7, it touches upon all stages of the amphibian’s life-cycle. Consequently, you could read the book and then let the kids use the science lab tables to conduct hands-on examinations that focus on the stages covered in the book.

Enjoy Ribbits and Rhymes

If the kids are two young to learn about the frog’s life-cycle, you could focus on ribbits and rhymes. There are several books that are perfect for the occasion. For example, books such as Robert Kalan’s Jump, Frog, Jump! and Priscilla Burris’ Five Green and Speckled Frogs could be used to decorate the bulletin board. You could also use them to stock your classroom’s book carts. Each book contains a rhyme that references a variety of frog behaviors (e.g. jumping). You could read the books and then ask the kids to jump around like frogs or turn the rhymes into songs.

Introduce Frog and Toad

Older children, on the other hand, may appreciate looking at bulletin boards that spotlight author Arnold Lobel’s popular characters, Frog and Toad. The early chapter books are appropriate for kindergarten students through second grade. The amphibians are the central characters and the stories typically contain socially relevant messages. For example, they may teach the children about sharing, manners, hard work and friendship.

Colors and Numbers

Lastly, you could skip the books and just use the frogs to teach the kids about colors and numbers. The amphibians make great jumping off points because they come in so many colors. If you like the idea, consider rolling out Carpet for Kids’ Hip-Hop to the Top area rug. It contains pictures of frogs, lily pads, numbers and the alphabet. There are also various frog themed printables available through sites like Scholastic® that may help reinforce your lesson plans.

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