Open Entry for Vernier Science Awards

Attention science instructors, the 2010 Vernier/National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Technology Award is now up for grabs. Every year, the program awards cash, technology, and travel funds for science teachers that present innovative use of data-collection technology using graphing calculator, computer, or other handheld equipment in the science classroom.

Every year students gather around their science lab tablesand work on experiments, so why not get innovative and inspire and motivate students with this reward.

Vernier will award up to seven prizes to K-12 and post-secondary educators:

  • One award at the Elementary Level (Grades K-5)
  • Two awards at the Middle School Level (Grades 6-8)
  • Three awards at the High School Level (Grades 9-12)
  • One award at the College Level

The prizes, valued at $3,000, include $1,000 cash, $1,000 in Vernier equipment, and $1,000 towards a trip to the 2010 NSTA National Convention.

“Our goal at Vernier is to get teachers and students excited science and it is our hope that more and more students become interested in STEM careers. Hands-on activities using probeware allows students to conduct experiments using 21st century technology,” said David Vernier, co-founder of Vernier, in a statement released this week. “This awards program has been successful in both honoring creative, forward-thinking science teaching and in bringing these techniques to other educators to use in the classroom.”

According to Vernier, successful applicants will enter projects involving hands-on, inquiry-based learning and data collection using computers and handheld devices, such as Vernier LabQuest.

Entries are due Nov. 30. Information and applications can be found on the Vernier website.

What kind of experiments will you introduce to your students?

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