3 Types Of Lockers That Are Incredibly Beneficial

urb3228-2a-readybuilt-double-tier-3-wide-lockers-w-locks-12-w-x-12-d-x-36-hLockers are essential components of many public locations and can make things so much more convenient. Here are three types of lockers that are incredibly beneficial.

Kids Lockers 

Kids lockers are excellent to have in elementary schools. These are lockers that are doorless and provide an interior space with shelving and hooks to store items. This is perfect for the back of the classroom or an enclosed area where kids can store their items within the classroom. They can hang their coats and backpacks on the hooks and store their lunch boxes, art work or classroom papers, etc., in the space below. This helps teachers to stay organized and keeps all of their students items separated and safe.

Natural Birch, 5 Section Coat Locker by Jonti-Craft

Gym Lockers 

Gym lockers are essential for any public or school gym. They come in either wood or metal and can have either a single locker or two stacked on top of each other. You can also choose between locks that have a built in key lock or those that have a location for someone to put a lock of their own. The interiors of these lockers come with one or more hooks to hang items on and have plenty of space to store clothing, shoes, bags, keys, phones, etc.

Heavy-Duty Ventilated Double-Tier 3-Wide Locker by Hallowell

Charging Lockers

Charging lockers are small lockers that are created with a charging unit in the back of them. This makes it perfect for charging things like phones, tablets, and computers. They come with a digital keypad entry. Making it secure with an added USB port that allows you to charge several devices at one time. These are excellent for use in public places, such as airports, colleges, healthcare facilities, and convention centers. Also, because they do not need as much space as traditional lockers, they can easily fit in different places throughout any facility.

Charging Lockers for Mobile Devices by Luxor

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