Wizarding World School Supplies Make Education Magical

From dabbling in potions to studying muggles, nobody knows how to outfit a classroom better than the professors of the wizarding world. Did you know that 14 wizarding schools exist throughout the world? We only know of 11 so far, while three are shrouded in mystery. Read more interesting facts about the wizarding world—explore our infographic.

Wizarding World School Supplies Make Education Magical

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Whether you fashion your classroom after the classic designs of the well-respected Hogwarts or take after the American institution Ilvermorney, we have all of the wizarding facts (and supplies!) every teacher needs to keep students focused on the tasks at hand. Muggles may not use wands, but we can add a small bit of magic to each classroom setting.

Is Your School Like Hogwarts?

Hogwarts is home to 1,000 students on average throughout the school year, and they accept only 40 new students annually. Each house is home to about 250 students each, and students spend an average of seven years learning the fundamentals of becoming a world-class wizard.

 The first year of wizarding school is reserved for wizards in the 11-12 age range. These lucky students spend their year learning about the school and settling into one of four houses. In the seventh year, students must take their N.E.W.Ts if they plan to go into certain occupations—much like muggle high schoolers in the US take the SAT or ACT.

Outfit Your Classroom Like a True Hogwarts Professor

Worthington Direct has school furniture supplies for young students and older students, including our highlighted wizard-school-approved selection:


Wobble chairs. Young students may not have the ability to fly on broomsticks yet, but they can turn their energy into a focused activity with these ergonomic stools. Give your students posture training and the ability to move when you invest in these classroom classics.

Acid-resistant lab tables. Every good potion (or chemistry) master needs a smart workplace, and these lab tables offer the perfect height for mixing the right ingredients for your polyjuice concoctions. With Chem-Res laminate protecting the surface, you can conduct any experiment safely on these tables.

Runtz ball chair. Like the wobble chairs, these little bell-shaped chairs encourage movement. Students can engage their cores for smart posture and energy release as they listen to stories of past wizards.

Adjustable stools. Give your classroom flexibility with stools that can grow with their students. From 25 ¼” to 33 ¼”, these stools work great in many educational environments.

• Lockers. A quidditch pitch isn’t complete without a locker room for players to use. Phenolic lockers and stainless steel lockers are ideal for keeping sports supplies and belongings safe and clean.

Spend time in the muggle world or turn your classroom into a Potter-like haven where students can explore the far reaches of their imaginations. Either way, you’ll love using these high-quality Worthington Direct furniture pieces to add strength, durability, and a bit of whimsy to the classroom environment. 


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