Why You Need Portable Handwashing Sinks

The issue of cleanliness among students has always been a rich debate between scientific experts, parents, and teachers.  On one hand, teachers and scientists advocate for students to adopt an almost OCD-like attitude towards keeping their hands clean to minimize the spread of viral and bacterial infections considering children are constantly exposed to infection-prone surfaces such as doors, desks, playground equipment, and shared toys.  However, some parents & medical experts argue that children need to develop a natural immunity to common infections so they can grow up with strong immune systems.  Regardless, having a solid handwashing station to keep your students clean between classes creates a safe, welcoming, and considerate environment for everyone.  Below are several ideas to help you choose the best one for your institution.

Be Industry Friendly

Daycares, culinary schools, catering businesses, universities, and many other institutions have to provide handwashing stations to comply and maintain good standing with various governing bodies. However, incorporating washing stations to accommodate a changing learning environment can get tricky. A designated area may be too small, out in the open, or could be moved due to renovations. The Hot Water Mobile Station by Diversified Woodcrafts offers a mobile handwashing solution for your next class, event, or outdoor activity.

Hot Water Mobile Station by Diversified Woodcrafts

Motivation via Convenience 

Is it gardening day at your preschool? Or a special outdoors, super-messy-art-project day in your workshop?  Make it convenient for everyone and provide an easy access wash station at entrances, hallways, and classrooms.  Instead of having to go out of their way to the restroom, students are more likely to utilize a handwashing station if it’s readily available.  Durability is also paramount which means you will want washing stations that can take years of abuse while maintaining a timeless appearance.  The Stainless Steel Hand Sink with Faucet by Diversified is a solid handwashing solution for virtually any learning environment where cleanliness is paramount.

Stainless Steel Hand Sink with Faucet by Shain

Stopping The Sniffles

Hospitals, schools, and childcare centers are all ground zero for spreading disease. You have a vulnerable group of individuals all breathing near each other and touching communal property.  The best way to mitigate this is to encourage everyone to practice consistent cleanliness, especially during flu season.  In addition to hand sanitizer stations, a centralized location is not only a constant visual reminder, but it ensures students know exactly where to find the nearest handwashing station.   The Service Island with Solid Epoxy Top by Diversified Woodcrafts helps reduce the spread of germs while also providing multi-user handwashing capability.

Service Island with Solid Epoxy Top by Diversified Woodcrafts

When it comes to choosing a handwashing solution for your academic institution, there are many factors to consider.  We invite you to check out our comprehensive line of Classroom Sinks and other Diversified Woodcrafts products we are more than happy to answer your questions while helping you pick the optimal station for your classroom!

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