Why Schools Are Converting to Seminar Training Tables

Despite having no shortage of technological advances in the 21st century, today’s students still utilize the tried & true desk.  Unfortunately, classic desks are becoming obsolete and a growing hindrance since lesson plans often involve student collaboration, on-demand technology usage, and impromptu group work.  In order to minimize difficulties and to streamline classroom organization, many schools are starting to utilize training tables as an alternative.  Training Tables add teaching flexibility and help promote a cohesive relationship between students, teachers, and technology.

Here are several reasons why they would provide a more efficient learning solution:

Training Tables Allow for Movement

Whether it’s a group project or a team-based lesson plan, more and more studies are indicating that physical movement helps keep students engaged.  Training tables such as the Echo Series Dry Erase Rectangle Training Table by Haskell let students join different groups and rotate throughout the classroom while allowing teachers to incorporate organized moving into lesson plans.

Dry Erase Rectangle Training Tables by Haskell

Training Tables Organize Technology

Computer and other A/V cords are not only a potential tripping liability, but a rat’s nest of them will become an eyesore.  Tablet computers, iPads, and laptop use are becoming a classroom staple for learning environments and having individual desks with individual cords trailing from each one is a recipe for disaster. Instead, training tables often have holes designed to organize computer cords. They also let students gather more efficiently around power sockets.  The Lumina Flipper Folding Table with Dry Erase Top by Balt offers solid flexibility for different lesson plans, student age groups, and technology needs.

Lumina Flipper Folding Table with Dry Erase Top by Balt

One Table to Rule them All

It used to be that different rooms have different furniture; computer labs use computer tables, classrooms use individual desks, and libraries had a different style of table altogether. But standardizing furniture, especially because each table can be adjusted for height and can fold away for storage, means reducing excess classroom furniture as well as school expenditures.  Schools that utilize training tables for both adults and students can better manage changes in classroom size, curriculum, and adopt academic best practices.  One training table that can accommodate and adapt is the UXL Nest and Fold Training Table by Smith System.

NXL Nest and Fold Training Table by Smith System

While desks have their advantages in elementary schools or where students need to store materials for use throughout the day, training tables work better for middle & high school academic environments that are organized in periods and for schools that have a diverse range of events and spaces.

We strive to ensure our customers have the optimal tables for their learning environments so we invite you to check out our line of Seminar & Training Tables and are happy to answer any questions to help you get the job done!

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