Where’s Your School Spirit? Look to the Trophy Display Case!

Whether your school building is brand new or has old school charm, trophy display cases are a great way to instill school spirit and pride.

School trophy display case

You may have room for only a single case or have a long hallway of honor you could fill. But celebrating the sporting and academic accomplishments of your student body with special lighted cases is a great way to develop student and alumni loyalty to support and grow your programs.

Depending on your building layout, you may be able to link several cases together outside your gym, or use separate cases in small alcoves or spaced along the hallway. Sturdy glass shelves and built in lighting will allow each trophy or award plaque to easily be read and enjoyed by all passersby. Be sure to purchase locks or locking cases to keep awards safe and free from damage. If you are relocating to a new school building, bring your older trophies along to the new building to showcase your traditions and heritage.

Some schools find themselves in the enviable position of having too many trophies and no more room to display them. This might be a good time to try having an online auction fundraiser to be sure the trophies go to former students or teachers who would love to have them. Money raised by selling these relics of past victories, can help finance equipment that will lead to new successes. The funds raised could all go to the athletic department in general, or be divided up for each sport based on which sport the trophy celebrates.

When you’re ready to choose the right cases to display your school’s unique awards and trophies, contact us at Worthington Direct. Your architect or design committee will find a wide selection of cases from Waddell to meet your needs. Display cases from Worthington Direct are available to complement your building design and add an impressive display for students and visitors alike.

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