The Right School Furniture for National Inventor’s Month

May is National Inventor’s Month, which is a perfect time to stress collaborative learning, science, innovation, technology and creative thinking. Educators can also use the opportunity to spotlight historical figures, events and math concepts connected to the world’s best inventions. Of course getting through a month’s worth of special activities will require the right school furniture and supplies to be readily available. So, why not get together with educators and parents to ensure that your institution is fully equipped to join in on the auspicious, annual occasion? Here are a few school furnishings that you might want to mention:

Collaborative Desks

Collaborative desks that feature built-in dry erase tops, multimedia areas, odd shapes and a high degree of portability are perfect for National Inventor’s Month events. They allow students to problem solve together and express themselves in a way that is not possible with traditional, stand alone desks. Many of the collaborative desks come with comfortable, easy-to-clean, student chairs that match their coloration, shapes or other detailing.

Science Lab Furniture

An innumerable number of inventions have taken place in the name of science. As such, it’s important to have a variety of science lab furniture available during the month as well. Items to consider placing in the classrooms are casework cabinets, safety stations, lab tables, clean-up sinks, lab stools, storage cabinets and complete workstations. Today’s manufacturers create lab furnishings that are safe for assorted age groups.

Unorthodox Seating

Non-traditional, classroom and reception area furniture may also help stimulate the children’s creativity during National Inventor’s Month. One company that manufactures funky school furniture that kids love is Fatboy®. Adults that lived through the 70s bean bag craze era will likely appreciate the designer’s vision too. Their line of bean bag furnishings are bold, colorful, comfortable, lightweight and durable enough to withstand what the kids can dish out during a typical school day.

To check out the items we mentioned above and other school furniture that’s ideal for sparking innovation in the classroom, please contact us. At Worthington Direct, we recognize the importance of building a perfect learning environment and can help institutions of all sizes achieve their goals.

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