Classroom Organization: 3 Teacher Tips to Spark Joy

How often do you walk into your classroom and think, “look at all this junk!” Busy schedules, standardized tests and constant activity often lead to accumulation of “stuff” in the classroom. Be the Marie Kondo of your classroom and follow these three, simple classroom organization tips to see joyous results in no time!

Classroom Organization- Teachers Tidying Up
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Tip #1: Install Wall Storage

Whether it’s wall-mounted bins for separating all the art supplies, or a pegboard so you can hang bulky teaching aids, you need to really utilize your wall space. While shelves and bins can help organize your stuff, it’s important to remember that slimmer is better. You want your walls to be able to display just the right amount of interest, while taking up the minimal amount of real estate. Opt for storage systems with doors to help conceal items that might be too distracting, such as Legos, during lesson time.

Classroom Wall Storage for Tidying Up

Tip #2: Labels

When you organize your classroom, chances are good that you have a system in mind. However, your students might not be aware of that system. Worse, as time goes by, you might forget the finer details. So save yourself a lot of time and effort, and make sure you label where different items go. Now’s a great time to toss anything that’s broken, clean anything that’s dirty, or just let it go!

Cubbies a Classroom Storage Solution

It will make your classroom easier to navigate, and cut down on confusion for everyone. Cubbies are the perfect storage solution to house your well-labeled bins and totes.

Tip #3: If You Don’t Need It, Let it Go

Whether it’s that sack of old packing peanuts you got from a student three years ago, or that old paint you had leftover from when you finished making mobiles, if you haven’t used it in a few years, you probably don’t need it. So donate it, recycle it, or just plain throw it out to make room for stuff you do need.

When organizing it’s tempting to try to find a space for everything, but you need to remember that not everything in your classroom is something you should be hanging onto.

For more storage solutions to help in the tidying up and organizing of your classroom, simply contact us today!

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