Spring Bulletin Board for Preschool

Here is a fresh new bulletin board idea for math and reading readiness in your Pre-K classroom. For very young children, ages three to five, interactive bulletin boards are more likely to catch their interest and contribute to their learning.

Encourage beginning math and reading skills through a fun matching activity. Matching helps children understand one to one correspondence, same and different, and promotes memory skills, all necessary to both math and reading readiness. 

Spring Babies

Create this activity on a bulletin board placed low enough for children to easily reach. Our 4′ portable freestanding dividers work well to define spaces without blocking the teacher’s view and can serve as an easy to reach display board. It can also be easily folded accordian style and stowed away on casters when not in use. 

Find, cut or draw pictures of baby animals and their parents. Make sure the pictures are large enough to see from a distance, but not so large that children cannot manipulate them easily.

Create a background on the bulletin board for the animals to rest against. A farm scene, a meadow, or even a petting zoo work well.

Place adhesive backed hook and loop fastener on the back side of each baby animal picture, using the hook side. 

Place the adult animals on the background. Place the name of the adult animal above the animal. Place the baby animal name next to the adult animal, e.g. cat and kitten.

Place the laminated baby animals in a basket next to or under the bulletin board.

Allow children to match animals and tell each other the animals names during free play time.

For more advanced students who are already starting to read, you can also put the animal names in the basket and allow the children to match these as well.

For more fun bulletin board ideas and innovative ways to use classroom furnishings contact us today.

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