School Furniture and Architecture for the Future

A space shuttle appears to be coming out of the front of a building on Washington Boulevard in Ogden. If you were to go inside, you’d soon find yourself in what appears to be a space-age control room. It’s Ogden School District’s aerospace magnet elementary school, and it’s nothing like the school design most adults remember from their own childhoods. Worthington Direct provides school furniture, activity tables, desks and chairs, storage cabinets and more that are innovative, eco-friendly, and designed to help children make the most of the modern learning environment.

Education by design — Architects fill schools with learning-friendly features

Schools are being designed using a whole new set of principles. And the architects have the scientific evidence to back them up. Furniture by Smith System, 3M, Royal Seating and others featured on, enhance and add functionality to these prevailing futuristic learning environments.

A well-designed school “enhances and supports the healthy development of students,” says Dennis Cecchini, vice president of MHTN Architects, “So they become vibrant, healthy contributors to society. It’s about a lot more than making sure the carpet doesn’t give off gas or meeting building codes.”

“In the last 10 years or so, studies show buildings affect learning,” says Steve Crane, owner/partner of the architect firm VCBO, one of several in Utah that design schools.

He cites a study of three locations with distinctly different climates: Colorado Springs, Seattle and Orange County. It found that students in classrooms with a lot of daylight had 26 percent higher math scores and 28 percent higher reading retention, compared to those who relied solely on interior lighting.

Schools are also being designed for collaborative learning, those spaces a crucial element of the total plan. “Teach someone to do it themselves, and they learn it 100 percent,” he says. “Break-out spaces and collaboration areas are important.” (Read More)


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