Safe Sleeping Spaces Can Be Created for Babies in These Three Simple Ways

The ultimate goal of any quality childcare facility is to provide safe, clean, loving care to infants and children. And the nursery is truly where this mission begins. A regular review of state sleep regulations is imperative, especially since these often vary by state. This will provide valuable instruction for naptime lengths, maximum occupant sleep capacity, and much more. Aside from these formal regulations, here are three top recommendations for creating safe and hygienic sleep spaces for babies.

Create a Workable System

Aside from spacing cribs appropriately, childcare facilities should change crib sheets weekly, and immediately if soiled. Each child should have a designated crib with his/her name tagged in plain view to avoid confusion during staffing and shift changes.

A Space-Saving Crib by Whitney Brothers

Keep Nap Spaces Separate

To keep sleep spaces sanitary, cribs shouldn’t be used as changing tables or play areas. This also pares down the extra work for nursery staff since bedding can quickly become soiled with dirt from the floor and outside play spaces. Most importantly, separate sleep spaces encourage babies to recognize that the area is solely for sleeping. This can result in happier, more restorative naptimes as babies learn to follow a sleep routine.

Clean, Organized Crib by Foundations

Clean “Between the Lines”

Of course, obvious play areas should be regularly sanitized at daycare facilities. But when nursery naptime areas are concerned, it’s easy to overlook the crib area. Therefore, all railings should be regularly sprayed with a safe cleaning solution and wiped clean. It’s also a great idea to clean boards and support framework beneath the mattress and to rotate and sanitize the mattress surface periodically to prevent mildew buildup and a lumpy, sagging mattress.

A Clean Crib Mattress from Foundations


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