Retrofitting Collaborative Student Desks with Sneeze Guards

COVID-19 is changing the face of education. Whereas in the past, you could arrange collaborative student desks for larger groups, it is now essential to find those models that support retrofitting with sneeze guards. That said, there are several models that shine.

Seat Students in Groups with Trifold Sneeze Guards

If you are on the lookout for a package that includes student desks and chairs, you cannot go wrong with the Fender and Hierarchy desk and chair packages by Mooreco. Available for elementary school through adult use, these products feature scratch-resistant high pressure laminate tabletops. The GREENGUARD Gold Certification verifies that the furnishings were tested to limit VOC emissions.

Pair your collaborative desks with Mooreco’s Trifold Clear Acrylic Desktop Screens. These durable acrylic panels are easy to clean with disinfecting sprays. Moreover, they allow for a uniform look that adds to the visual appeal of the classroom setting. These assembled sneeze guards fit on virtually any desk or table top to provide clear division and protection, while still allowing visibility and social interaction.

Joint Project Instruction with UltraBoard Desktop Barrier Shields

These are the quintessential desks for the 21st-century classroom that amplifies the use of computers, electronics, and student collaboration in this environment. Suitable for middle and high school users, the desks feature durable laminate tops, steel frame construction, and modesty panels with wire management holes. Correll’s trapezoid computer tables comfortably accommodate groups of six.

While you might opt for edge-mounted sneeze guards, consider the advantages that UltraBoard desktop barrier shields bring to the tables. Made from corrugated plastic, they are durable and budget-friendly. Besides that, you may select three-panel or single-panel designs.

Multi-panel Options Designed To Fit Any Desk


The portable sneeze guards by the Marco Group are the ideal pairing. Available in 2 and 3 panel models attached with full length plastic flexible hinges and base connectors with adhesive strips for securing to table surface. Designed as a defensive barrier, these protective sneeze guards are durable, light weight, easy to clean, have clear sight lines, and can virtually be used anywhere.

Learn more about retrofitting collaborative student desks with sneeze guards by contacting us today!

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