Refurbish Over Spring Break with Furniture Packages

Spring break may sound like an odd time to redecorate your classroom, but it is actually a great time. The prices are lower because of the discounts on last fall’s furniture and students can give their feedback after they come back to class. In a sense, you get a test run on your decorating decisions before next year. The question is how to decorate and what to consider when doing so. Here are some tips.

Buying furniture packages or furniture sets can help take a lot of the worry out of your spring refurbishing. It’s quick to pick out, cheaper to buy in bulk and all your furniture will color coordinate. Purchasing new open front desks with school chairs can instantly give your classroom a whole new vibe. Consider ECR4Kids’ Classroom Packages of open front desk and chair sets. The desks are height adjustable, so they can be used across a number of grade levels. These packages range between 6 to 24 desks and chairs per set and can ship out within 3 to 5 days.

ECR4Kids Classroom Package

Need something quicker? Activity table and chair packages by Marco Group can ship out in 24 hours. The activity tables are height adjustable and are available with the choice of a rectangular, round, or horseshoe shape top. These table and chair package sets come in a wide range of sizes and colors to coordinate with the theme of your classroom.

Students can give you decorating ideas, along with ideas about what sort of furniture sets you need. Ask them to draw the type of desks and chairs they would find most comfortable. You can make it into a math project involving budgeting and then reward them for their excellent math skills with the new furniture. Students might also like the chance at spring cleaning. If you announce that you will be getting new desks for everyone, you give them a chance to clean before their desks get too packed. Ask for the children’s help in deciding what to do with the old furniture as part of the cleaning. Once everyone has had their input, you will need to consider where you will be putting your new sets. Mix and match your old and new sets to stretch out your decorating budget and create unique learning spaces.

It’s easy to redecorate over Spring Break when using furniture sets. If you would like to get started, contact us and we will point you in the right direction

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