Picking the Right Multimedia Table for You

Today’s fast paced businesses depend on instant, and sometimes constant, communication with every one involved in a project. Multimedia tables were designed for school media projects and group planning to offer the collaborative space of a traditional conference table, but with the conveniences of modern technology. These tables are often used as video conferencing tables in modern offices. Video conferencing gives businesses and schools the ability to communicate and collaborate with long distance team members and peers. The technology involved with this type of communication calls for plenty of outlets and cables in arms reach of your workspace. These coworking tables feature the ability to have electrical and USB power built-in, and a mount for a TV monitor. Multimedia tables come equipped with everything necessary to accommodate your technology needs and provide all the infrastructure for educational material presentations, office video conferencing, and collaborative project work. All in all, they are a must for businesses and schools.

Not all multimedia tables fit every business. You will have to consider a couple of points before buying one so that you will pick the one that fits you and your needs best.

  • The first thing to consider is size. All media tables are designed to provide clear line of sight for group viewing participation in distance learning or other presentation applications. Smaller groups need smaller tables. The Medium Round End Multimedia Table by Smith System, for instance, can provide a very cozy work space for small groups. Before shopping for a table, estimate the amount of space that will allow everyone to participate without stretching or shouting, but also gives everyone space to work comfortably.

  • Note how many cables and outlets are included with each multimedia table. You will need to make sure everyone can hook up their laptops, so keep track of the number of cables you will need when looking for the right multimedia table. If you are planning on attaching a television, make sure the table comes equipped with a TV mount.
Engage Multimedia Table by Smith System
Engage Multimedia Table by Smith System
  • How will this table fit in the room? One of the great things about Multimedia tables is that they come in many different shapes and sizes. Mix and match different shapes to create the layout that fits your room best. Some projects require flexible furniture that can be easily moved around the room. If this is the case, you may want a table that comes equipped with wheels, which is an available option for several of our multimedia tables.

Meeting tables for the 21st century are finding there ways into STEM classrooms, library meeting rooms, and even in corporate boardrooms. Contact us if you have any questions about these multimedia tables or how they could be used in your school or office. 

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