Performance Time! Band Room Instrument Storage- Marco Brand

Performance Time! Band Room Instrument Storage- Marco Brand

From fundraisers to practice and performance scheduling, school music and theater programs are under a lot of pressure year round. However, as the holiday season comes into full swing, the pressure on musicians increases as they try to perfect the beloved Christmas music that will be played at concerts throughout the season. Although this busy season will most likely reveal some unforeseen obstacles, many can be averted by having the right type of instrument storage.

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Ever Been in a Middle School? 

Middle school is a potentially hazardous place. So is an elementary orchestra room or a high school band room, for that matter. Especially if you’re an expensive piece of band equipment.

In addition to learning about everything from phonetics to physics in school, we also expect kids to care for delicate instruments – while having a little fun and even acting like kids sometimes.

Two things we’ll wager every band director has heard at least once: “Have you seen my flute case?” and “OW! Why did you leave your drum THERE?” The last thing band directors need during this busy season is a hurt musician or a broken instrument. Prevent these issues from occurring in your band room by putting instruments out of the way in storage units that best fit your room.

Stability, Strength, Durability

When it comes to band room instrument storage, Marco brand is a popular choice among musical directors, regardless of the size of their programs.

From rolling instrument storage units to wall mount storage cabinets and corner storage cabinets, the Marco brand has storage solutions that can fit any type of room, while holding your instruments securely.

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The variety and versatility of the Marco storage units is one reason musical directors look at the line, but the strength, stability and durability of the products make the Marco brand a responsible choice for customers selecting additional pieces as their programs grow, or recommending storage solutions to others. An important added feature in Marco’s line of instrument storage are the steel tubes under the front and back of every shelf, which allows the cabinets to handle heavier loads without bowing or collapsing. Also, inside the cabinets are multiple adjustable shelves that can accommodate many different types of instruments and other uses.

Is Marco right for you and your program’s instrument storage needs? Please contact us to discuss the number and type of equipment you manage, and we’ll help you find the best storage solution for you and your program.

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