Maximizing Classroom Dry Erase Boards

Dry erase boards have been around for decades, being utilized in academic learning environments as well as being a staple in company conference rooms.  However, modern innovations have improved the concept of “dry erase” to make group learning more efficient and accommodate changing situations for better productivity.  Having dry erase boards that complement each other ensures students can collaborate and visualize their ideas while allowing teachers to customize and adapt lesson plans for both group and individualized learning.

Here are several dry erase solutions to help guide in picking what’s right for your learning environment:

Wall-Mounted Dry Erase 2.0

While traditional dry erase whiteboards have eclipsed old chalkboards (which date back to the 19th century), there have been many recent advancements that make these boards better and better.  Some of these innovations include a frameless design to help utilize extra board space while providing an attractive and elegant appearance.  Materials such as porcelain-coated steel with aluminum help with mounting on a curved wall while minimizing dry erase ghosting after repeated use.  The Elemental Frameless Dry Erase Board by Best-Rite offers a wall-mounted dry erase board that also doubles as a projection screen that contributes to a seamless transition between lesson plans.

Elemental Frameless Dry Erase Board by Best-Rite

Utilizing Available Space

Many schools utilize classroom partitions for various reasons, including budgetary and lesson plan flexibility.  However, being able to utilize a room divider partition’s surface area provides additional benefits.  Some of these include a dry erase board that can be quickly deployed if the teacher needs to hold class at a different location.  Other situations call for an auxiliary whiteboard to provide specialized, one-on-one tutoring or additional writing space for complex assignments.  The Wet/Dry Erase Room Divider by Screenflex is an excellent solution for adding additional teaching space as well as privacy while providing a portable whiteboard solution for changing lesson plans and impromptu tutoring sessions.

Wet/Dry Erase Room Divider by ScreenflexAdaptive Visualization

For note-taking, jotting down rough ideas, and creative projects, a dry erase whiteboard surface on a student’s desk allows him or her the freedom to express themselves during lecture, stay organized by writing down important action items, and show peers project ideas and how to approach a group assignment.  Better yet, being able to configure a student’s dry erase whiteboard desk between individual and group work adds extra utility to the student’s arsenal of learning materials.  The Cloud 9 Collaborative Station with Dry Erase Top by Balt allows individual, group, and exam desk configurations for different learning environments where visualization is a common theme.

Cloud 9 Collaboration Station with Dry Erase Top by Balt

When it comes to the question of quantity, there is no correct and absolute answer.  Some classrooms use just one whiteboard while others utilize two or three because they have the budget to justify it.  Regardless, we are here to help you pick out the best dry erase whiteboard solution(s) for your learning environment and invite you to check out our complete line of Dry Erase Boards and Room Partitions to help your students do their very best!


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