March is National Music in Our Schools Month

According to National Education Partnership, music helps students in a variety of ways, including cultivating better thinking skills and strengthening perseverance and creativity. Every March, educational institutions across the country celebrate Music in Our Schools Month (MISOM), a special event that’s strongly supported by the National Association for Music Education. They normally help the festivities along by providing participating educators with a variety of complimentary audio files and promotional materials. However, institutions that choose to join in on the fun will need age-appropriate school furniture on hand as well. That said, here’s a look at several items that will surely help enhance your music room and make any MIOSM 2015 event memorable.

Band Room Storage

The goal of most MISOM events is to get kids interested in music. Consequently, it’s best to make sure that the band room is up to snuff and can accommodate an influx of new students. Marco Group is one of the best manufacturers of band storage solutions with a variety of storage units for all types of instruments, from piccolo to trombone. Their full range of products should be able to keep band uniforms, hats and musical instruments neatly tucked away in between performances. And with our mobile sheet music storage case by Stevens, you’ll no longer find a student’s ‘William Tell Overture’ music folder on the floor with his oboe case. The storage case is portable and an easy way for students to keep organized.

Music Stands, Band Chairs and Risers

New music students and their parents will need a place to sit during MIOSM, so it’s important to have enough music standsband chairs and risers to accommodate. Most of the music equipment on the market today may be stacked or folded and placed out of the way after class and performances. Some of the top brands to look for are National Public Seating and Midwest. Both of which also manufacture great dollies for music stands, risers, and chairs, which make post-concert clean up sessions go rather quickly regardless of the size of your music class. Our Music Stand Cart by Midwest holds up to twenty-four stands. However, if you need something smaller, National Public Seating has a couple smaller music stand dollies, holding either ten or twenty stands. Have pride in your music area by keeping your music room equipment neat and organized.

Best-Rite Whiteboards and Joy Carpets

Whiteboards and music rugs are a great way to brighten up the room and give it a welcoming feel. Joy Carpets has several rugs that are perfect for music rooms where children sit on the carpet to sing, play, and learn. These music rugs are colorful and come in a variety of sizes. Some of the most popular to note (pun intended) are, Fully StaffedNote Worthy and Musical Chairs. Fun With Music Carpet by Flagship is also great for the occasion. Best-Rite has a large assortment of whiteboards that can come in a variety of styles, colors, and feature built-in music lines. Both the whiteboards and rugs feature musical notes, which would pair well together and the overall band room theme.

As you tune up, play, conduct or just tap knees and clap hands, celebrate and share the joy of music not just in March, but every month. To learn more about these items and others that will enhance upcoming Music in Our Schools Month events, please contact us at Worthington Direct. At the moment, we have all of the items mentioned in stock and experts are standing by to answer all of your band room furnishing related questions.

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