Lounge and Learn, Comfort and Collaboration

Dragging a screeching, heavy desk along a scratched-up tile floor of a classroom for one learning activity is a way of the past.

Flexible seating is built for collaboration. It is called flexible seating because it is easy to move and transition in order to change up a room or even just a small space within a room. While flexible seating certainly looks colorful and cute, these designs offer comfort to the learner as well as the benefit of student choice in the learner’s preference of where to sit. Imagine students arriving early to class just to make sure they get their preferred active stool color or favorite spot at a collaboration table. Flexible seating helps create an atmosphere where students want to spend their time.

Why Flexible Seating?

Flexible seating also creates an opportunity for teachers to socially distance workspaces and create in-person learning that is effective and safe. Schools do not have to sacrifice collaboration for safety. This might mean fewer students in a collaboration pod or using personal safety partitions, all flexible furniture options.

Silent spaces and desks in a row are a way of the past. Students want to lounge and learn. They want to bounce and bebop. They want to swivel and surf. 

Collaborating with Stack Seating

The best collaboration is not done with students sitting in rows. When students’ desks can easily rotate to join another group, valuable class time is not wasted moving furniture. Students’ stackable chairs make it easy to move groups in and out, and dry-erase boards attached to students’ desks make writing on the desk part of the lesson plan. Kids love it!

OM5 Active Guest Stack Chair by Office Master

Students may not always be required to sit six-feet apart in the future, but this furniture allows the opportunity for change without it being permanent. If people have learned anything in 2020, it is to be more flexible with the ways things once were. Contact us for more options and tips on creating a flexible classroom.

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