We have always heard first impressions count… but thought it referred more to having a spot on your tie or smudged makeup.  This article talks about how first impressions of your educational facility buildings and furniture decor influence the decisions of prospective teachers in making their contract signing decisions.  In an age of teacher shortages, the physical surrounding that the teachers will be working in are influencing which school contracts they accept and sign.




According to a recent study, potential teachers are influenced by their impressions of the educational facilities in which they will be working during the interview process.

Most of us have heard the story of the heavily recruited college athlete who visits a multitude of campuses only to settle for the one with the most advanced, state-of-the-art facilities. This scenario is played out hundreds of times a year on college campuses across the country. Colleges and universities spend hundreds of millions of dollars designing and building facilities that will draw the best athletes to their campuses.

What most of us don’t know, however, is the fact that public school teachers also place a high degree of importance on the condition of a district’s facilities when contemplating a job offer. Often times, highly qualified and heavily recruited teachers choose to accept contracts with school districts with better facilities. This notion is incredibly powerful and should make all districts examine the role their facilities play in the hiring of new teachers.

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