Ideas for Decorating Your Enclosed Bulletin and Directory Boards

Enclosed bulletin boards and directory boards can be used as decorative vignettes to set a tone, theme or social event at any school or office environment. They can convey a sense of fun and excitement to students or office employees, reminding them of the year’s theme or current objective, while simply grabbing people’s attention. Paper leaves and craft paper trunks can create a stimulating creative environment, changing a boring classroom into an inspiring learning arena. Visual stimulation can add a sense of work morale, boosting any office’s productivity. Plus, the locking glass doors keep your inspirational displays safe and secure. How would you decorate your enclosed bulletin or directory board? The options are endless. Here are three ideas that take advantage of the two boards’ unique properties to help you start brainstorming.

Enclosed Bulletin & Directory Board

The best feature on the enclosed bulletin board is its depth. You can create layers of decorations by taping some paper figures to the inside of the glass and other paper figures to the board. If you pin strips of paper folded accordion-style to the backs of figures and then post them on the board, the figures will seem to spring toward the glass. If the enclosed bulletin board is deep enough, you can create a diorama of your preferred theme. Transform it into an Ice Cream Shoppe for an ice cream party, for instance. The added dimension opens up many possibilities for creativity.

Painting the glass covering takes advantage of the enclosed bulletin board’s features. You have to avoid covering your announcements, but painting shapes by your calendar grabs people’s attention. The idea is to draw attention to important information, whether it be an office’s current project agenda or a classroom’s highly anticipated science project. There are special paints, which you can purchase at your local craft store, designed to go on windows and come off clean. You can use these over and over again to create any desired effect.

Directory and letter boards are great ways to keep people informed. They are perfect for posting important meeting reminders and schedules in both schools and businesses. Several restaurants use directory boards to display the menu or food and drink specials. Although many directory boards do not provide a third dimension to decorate the way enclosed bulletin boards do, their letter holders let you pull a few tricks. You can use creative spacing with letters to make pictures around your announcements, drawing attention to an important message. While you are at it, you can create emoticons to add personality and emotion; people will appreciate the humor. However, you can also easily create a more simple and understated letter board when a more utilitarian, professional and/or mature purpose is needed.

letter board
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These three ideas for decorating your boards will help you express your theme and set the mood. Creative decorating makes people read your board and remember what you wrote. You can start creating your unique board by customizing the frame and back panel. We have many back panel materials to choose from, such as fabric, vinyl, rubber and cork, as well as a wide array of color options that you can pair with a wood or aluminum frame.  If you want to try these ideas out, contact us here at Worthington Direct or visit our website to see all the enclosed bulletin and directory boards that we offer.

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