How Zoning Can Help Your Classroom Return to Normal

Zoning can be a great way to get a classroom up and running as we all get back to normal. Some of the difficulties that educators and schools will face are maintaining social distancing, filling vacant positions, and having a way to maintain order in the classroom. Some of the benefits of zoning are having learning processes automated, being flexible when down to one person, and is easy for new teachers to learn and pick up. Let’s look at some of these benefits in greater detail below.


Easily automated

Here are some reasons that you would want a process that’s easily automated.

  • Increase learning in students
  • Reduce things like talking and horseplay
  • Easy to monitor

Increasing learning time can a challenge for teachers. Zoning allows you to set up different stations where clear instructions and expectations are given to students. The amazing thing with this is that you can color-code your different zones to further support automation efforts.

Easy to learn

Zoning is easy to learn for both the student and the teacher. This is good for school administrators because getting a new teacher up to speed can be a challenge. Using zoning in your classroom is also cost-effective and easy to setup. Let’s look at that next.

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Cost-effective and simple to setup

Zoning can be set up with a wide variety of objects like colored tape, chairs, flags, etc. It’s really up to you and your imagination. The idea is to “zone off” a given area and have a particular activity done in that area only. For example, you can use colored tape and pair it with chairs to set-up a study area in your classroom. You can use a different color to set up another area for a reading exercise or something similar.


Getting the classroom back to normal is going to be a challenge. Zoning can help ease that burden so teachers and students can get back to school. Zoning is cost-effective, easy to learn, and can be set up with a wide variety of tools. If you want to know more then check us out here to get started.

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