How to Choose the Best Desks for Your School

While traditional school furniture can last for many years, they are not optimized for the 21st century changing learning environment.  Technology has quickly revolutionized the way students learn but unfortunately, student desks haven’t been as quick to catch up for several reasons.  This may be due to budgetary reasons since it’s normal for schools to maximize furniture expenditures.  Or it could be that many schools prefer traditional lesson plans and adopt a “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach.  The good news is that there are many options today that can help you find the right desk solution.  Having the right student desk promotes an optimal student learning experience, accommodates new lesson plan innovations, and contributes to a succinct and practical long-term budgetary expenditure.

Here are several factors to help you choose the best student desk:

Collaboration-Based Learning

Two critical skills that students need to learn for future success are communication and teamwork which are the themes of modern lesson plans.  This means you’ll want a student desk that can be easily configured for both individual and team-based assignments.  The Shapes Desk by Balt allows you to configure your classroom into several configurations including the traditional multiple row desk set up,  a round desk set up (up to 10), or square configuration.

Shapes Desk by Balt

All-In-One Utility

The concept of the combo chair desk has been established as a practical and cost-efficient learning solution for quite some time now.  However, there have been many advancements that continue this classic tradition while adding innovative features for a better student learning experience.  Some of these features include ergonomic seat designs for added comfort and rolling casters for quick classroom configuration and movement convenience during small breakout sessions.  Others include swivel seats for easy ingress and egress and an adjustable swivel desk for each student’s preferred note-taking configuration.  The Learn2Strive Seating by KI provides a comprehensive desk and seating solution if you’re looking for maximum utility for a traditional learning environment.

Learn2Strive Seating by KI

Savings Bundle

For those who are not ready to completely overhaul their student desks or need to just replace several to due to wear and tear, Worthington Direct offers several traditional desk and chair packages solutions that save time and money.  We also have several modern design desk and chair packages if you’re interested in testing them before committing to a large purchase.  The Open Front Desk Stack Chair Package by Marco Group offers a classic design with integrated book storage for added utility.

Open Front Desk & Stack Chair Package by Marco Group

We understand that every school is different in terms of learning tools, budget, and lesson plan approach.  Because of this, we have provided a comprehensive selection of student desks and chairs so there is something for every classroom size, grade level, and budget and we invite you to contact to help you pick the best solution to meet your academic needs!

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