How to Charge Your Classroom iPads & Laptops

“Okay students, pull out your iPad and begin working through lesson 4.”   This kind of classroom instruction is common today and will likely continue to grow.  Teachers that have found themselves in a school that was fortunate enough to receive classroom technology through a one-to-one program may have mixed feelings about these new classroom aides.  Besides the obvious learning curve and the changes in curriculum, a more brass-tacks problem with new educational technology might be that older classrooms are not designed to keep 30 tablets or laptops charged.  Where’s the power?

IO Post with Classroom Desks

Sure, most classrooms have at least one or two electrical outlets along the wall.  But why have students waste valuable time away from their tablet when the power source can be brought right to their desk while they continue to work.  Smith System has listened to what teachers have been saying about the lack of classroom power sources and have launched several new products to combat dead laptop and iPad batteries.

At recent educational trade shows ASCD and NAIS, Molly Parnell of  Smith System, noted that “all of the principals, teachers, and curriculum directors walking by all were talking about what a problem power is in their classrooms.”  Moving electrical outlets to the center of the room is made easy with the new IO Post by Smith System.  While Smith System makes several student desks, such as their Diamond Desks that huddle neatly around an IO Post, “4 existing tables works too”, says Parnell.

And it’s not just inside the classroom. “We see some schools placing IO Posts in community areas/shared spaces outside the classroom.”  The IO Post is a powerful station with 8 electric plugs and 8 data plugs.

UXL Power Socket
UXL Power Socket

Another option that brings power outlets to the student’s desk is the UXL Power Socket that can clamp to most classroom tables.  These power sockets offer the student 4 electric plugs and 2 data plugs. At Worthington Direct, we’ve got the power- ask us how we can help your classroom welcome educational technology.

2 thoughts on “How to Charge Your Classroom iPads & Laptops

  1. It is a great idea, this UXL Power Socket, it could be use in class romms but also in conferences, shows and meetings.

    I have been in some conferences that there were not enough power sockets for everyone.

  2. Nice Idea. But what about the charger wires don’t you think if 2 3 guys come up for charging there should be a mess of wires.

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