How Soft Seating and Planner Tables Improve Educational Focus

With all a teacher does today, very little of it is at their own discretion. Most of it is set forth by committee, through legislature, et cetera. Classroom layout, however, is one area over which a teacher often retains full control.

The teacher should be able to justify the layout of the classroom based on certain educational objectives, according to environmental psychologist Robert Sommer, there is no ideal classroom for all educational exercises.

Soft Seating by Smith System

Soft Seating Secures Attention

The more components, angles, and hard edges you incorporate into your seating surface, the more distraction you’ve introduced. A soft seating surface, such as the Smith System Soft Rocker Seats, helps secure student attention. There are no moving parts for them to manipulate that would rob their focus. There are no metal pinch points that could snag a finger or an article of clothing. Rather, these soft, simple, yet comfortable seating surfaces encourage quick collaboration and impromptu connections.

Sonik Floor Rocker by Marco Group

Designed with open purpose, they welcome a student to fall into one alongside a classmate, work out an idea, and then each continues to the next activity. It has also been shown that students seated where they can face one another, such as in semi-circles, that these configurations encourage question asking.

Planner Tables Improve Focus

In an educational setting, you want pupils focused on the given intellectual challenge before them. One great way to accomplish this is with planner tables. For those unaware, a planner table is simply a table with a whiteboard embedded into the tabletop. This allows multiple stakeholders, or students to engage individually prior to connecting their ideas into a group discussion.

That transitory fluidity from individual input to group collaboration is special when it occurs effortlessly. A planner table can enable this as it helps each participant stay near to their own symbolic representation of the topic at hand, while also being prepared to expose their ideas to the group. They can also be used as a practical time-saver by drawing student’s names onto the areas by where each assigned seat location is.

Planner Studio Tables with Dry Erase Tops & Casters by Smith System


Educational institutions think at least a decade ahead for any decision on the table. Contact us to find furniture that will shape the way your students learn, engage and develop. The 12-year warranty you’ll find on the Smith Studio Rocker Chairs makes them ideal for a group learning environment.

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