How Collaborative Desks Enhance Student-Centered Learning

Education in the 21st century has evolved into a more focused and student-centered learning experience.  That is, having several students work closely with one teacher or having student seating arranged to promote group work is becoming more common.  In addition, changing lesson plans along with innovative teaching styles and new technology compel a classroom to have a flexible seating solution.  Having a flexible, yet centralized student seating solution creates an optimal learning environment while encouraging group participation and teaching flexibility.  When searching for collaborative seating, keep these important factors in mind:


Teachers often change grade levels and classroom configurations throughout the day. Desks that are both sturdy and lightweight allow for quick transitions from traditional rows to small groups. Collaborative desks give teachers the flexibility needed for their changing learning environments.  The Smith System Diamond Desk features telescoping legs that adjust to fit the needs of growing students.  The desks can be configured for group work as well as individual assignments.

Diamond Desk by Smith System

Individualized Attention

While group assignments promote intellectual stimulation, teachers also need to provide individualized attention for several reasons.  For instance, it’s customary for foreign language teachers to administer oral exams involving one student or grading two students having a dialogue in Spanish.  Another case might involve a teacher separating one (or several students) to help them understand difficult material on an individualized, almost tutor-based learning which is common in AP classes such as Calculus and Physics.  Regardless, a desk like the Yin Yang Elemental Table by Smith System allows group learning and can be easily separated to provide one-on-one or three-to-one teacher/student ratio.

Ying Yang Elemental Table by Smith SystemCurriculum-Specific Seating

Whether it’s solving integrals/derivatives or dealing with chemical formulas, any STEM student knows that scribbling, writing, and working out formulas understands the importance of being able to quickly jot down thoughts & ideas when immersed in a group assignment.  Thus the Mediaspace Multimedia Table with Dry Erase Top by Balt can accommodate learning environments where a dry erase feature can help get the work done faster.

Mediaspace Multimedia Table with Dry Erase Top by Balt

Every learning environment is different so choosing the right solution is critical to maximizing your school’s expenditure and ensuring an optimal learning experience.  We invite you to check out our comprehensive line of Collaborative Desks & Tables and are more than happy to answer any questions and help you pick the perfect collaborative seating solution!

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