GREENGUARD Certification Program Acquired by UL Environment

GREENGUARD Environmental Institute, along with it’s product emissions testing group Air Quality Sciences, Inc. (AQS), has been acquired by UL (Underwiters Laboratories) Environment.

New GREENGUARD Gold and UL Certification Logo
Look for the new UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification Logo

AQS and GREENGUARD are industry leaders for product emissions testing and third-party indoor air quality certification. School designers, architects and educational procurement persons have long trusted the GREENGUARD Certification programs to help ensure their schools have high indoor air quality and to help earn LEEDS points.

So what does this mean happens to the school furniture you just purchased that was GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified?  Rest easy, this means your classroom air quality is exceptionally clean and all that has really changed is the logo.  GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified is now GREENGUARD Gold and has a shiny new logo sporting the reputable UL brand name.  Ah, you may breathe easy now.

“This acquisition combines AQS’s world-class technology and expertise, as well as GREENGUARD’s  brand recognition and scientific rigor, with UL’s trusted history of standards development, testing, and compliance to create a more comprehensive solution for testing and certification,” said Steve Wenc, president of UL Environment. “Together, we’ll help consumers, regulators, and other interested parties make informed product purchases by providing clarity around indoor air quality claims.”

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