Get the Most Out of Your Art Easels in the Classroom

Excited about getting funding for new art easels for your younger classes?  Wondering what kind of projects you can do with them?  Let’s take a look at a couple of ideas that will get the kids feeling like true artists as they work at their easels!


Sticky Face

Using contact paper, you can give the kids the opportunity to create a unique craft.  First, attach an outline of a head to the easel.  Next, simply tape the contact paper to the easel with the sticky side out, and set out the supplies including pipe cleaners, beads, and other shiny and tiny objects.  With plenty of room for storage, the 4 Station Art Center is ideal for holding all the bits that go into this project.


Watch as the kids create amazing art with a story behind each one.  The contact paper allows the kids to work easily while still working on their motor skills.  Asking questions about their character will get them thinking critically and creatively.

Take it Outside

Take the kids outside and work en plein air with the Manta Ray Hanging Fence easel.  Kids will love finding natural objects to paint or draw.  They can also use found objects like sticks and flowers to paint with, creating interesting patterns and strokes.  Experimenting with paint is perfectly done outside.  Have them paint leaves and print them onto the paper to make a one-of-a-kind class picture to hang for the year.

Manta Ray

We hope that you like these projects, and you can contact us for more information on any of our easels.  Practicing art has so many benefits, and with the proper tools can be a lot of great fun.

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