Fun Bulletin Board Ideas for December: A Focus on Bingo’s Birthday

Are you are looking for fun bulletin board ideas for December that have nothing to do with religion? If so, why not focus on bingo’s birthday? That’s right, the popular game is celebrating a birthday and we can’t think of a better non-denominational, educational activity to incorporate into a December lesson plan than bingo. Here are a few of our bingo related suggestions:

Book Bingo Theme

Have you ever played book bingo? Often played in libraries throughout the country, it typically involves using characters or images taken from children’s books. It is similar to the original bingo game most of us grew up playing, but involves bingo cards with characters and images from a book instead of numbers. Dr. Seuss Bingo, for example, is one popular book bingo game both children and adults enjoy playing. You can also make your own bingo cards representing a class reading assignment to familiarize students with different characters and themes from the book. With that said, you could decorate bulletin boards, book carts and listening stations with the same images. Then read the books or play the songs throughout the month. The list of media to consider in that regard includes Rosemary Well’s book, BINGO and Kindermusik’s Sound Bingo CD.

Another activity to consider is the Bingo Reading Challenge. This game is great for all ages, as it can be adapted for different levels. Simply transform a bulletin board into a jumbo bingo playing card with a reading challenge in each space. Other subjects such as math, science, or history can be incorporated into the game as well. Get creative with the challenges. Some challenges can involve extracurricular or outside school activities, such as attending a library program or special guest speaker.  This is a fun way to encourage students to read and get involved in class or school activities.

Reading Challenge
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Carpet Bingo Theme

Young children may also appreciate playing carpet bingo. To play the game, decorate the bulletin board with letters and numbers found on some classroom carpet squares. Excellent examples include Carpets for Kids’ set of 26 Alphabet Squares and Learning Carpets’ set of 10 Number Squares. Both are portable and made from very durable, anti-microbial fabrics. Then ask the children to locate the carpet squares that match the images posted onto the bulletin board. The first child or team to find all of the squares could be deemed the winners.

BINGO the Dog Theme

Another great option would be to focus on the folk song titled, BINGO. If you decide to go that route, decorate a bulletin board or the back of a cubbie unit with images of different farm dogs, farm animals, barns, farmers and other agricultural related items. The same images could be placed onto bingo and memory cards that the kids could use throughout the month. Then at the end of the month you could let the kids lie down on theme decorated napping mats and watch the 1991 family comedy, BINGO. To decorate the napping mats, simply cover them with slip covers.

Old Mcdonald Had A Farm
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Game Maker’s Theme

If none of those bingo themes suit your classroom’s needs, consider focusing on the game’s country of origin and people associated with its rising popularity. In this case, the geographic regions tied to the game include Italy, New York and Georgia. You could even branch out if you like and decorate bulletin boards with other popular game makers like Milton Bradley.

However, if you would like to involve a bit of Christmas with this month’s Bingo activities, you can find several Christmas themed Bingo Cards as well. To discover more fun bulletin board ideas and some of the products needed to carry out bingo themed lesson plans, please contact us today. At Worthington Direct, we have a wide assortment of high quality, school essentials that ship quick and are priced right.

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