Flexible Seating for the 21st Century Classroom

Creating a Classroom

Meeting the needs of 21st century learners involves more than just thoughtful, engaging lessons and impeccable classroom management. Today’s students are learning to problem-solve while working collaboratively. This aids in preparing them for the challenges of the future. Having a learning space that mirrors the workplace of tomorrow will provide students with the opportunity to share ideas with classmates.

Butcher Block Planner Studio Tables w/ Oodle Stools by Smith System

It also helps them move around freely in an environment that offers them the flexibility they need to feel comfortable and be productive. The unique needs of an ever-growing, diverse student population can be met with classroom furniture that allows for a variety of seating arrangements.

Modernizing Your Seating Arrangement

Sitting in straight rows for six to seven hours a day, while working in isolation is a thing of the past. Instead, add desks that nest together in a way that fosters teamwork. Or having the option to stow away in a cozy corner on a floor rocker when feeling over-stimulated. These are just a couple examples of what the desired “flexible seating” classroom model looks like. Throw in a maker space area for STEM projects, and students will have an authentic active learning experience. While having the ability and enough surface space to design, model, and implement their creations!

High tables with swivel stools can make for a genuine cafe feel. Which is an optimal area to complete daily reading or writing, especially when adding string lights or vintage lamps to enhance the mood of the space. Whiteboard surfaces on desks, low tables with pillows or pads as seats, and swivel chairs are easy solutions for students who do not sit well in a traditional desk all day.

Sage Floor Rocker Chairs by Virco

Giving students choices when they enter the classroom can make a profound difference. Today’s classrooms have become a home away from home. All while grooming our young scholars for the global workplace environment they will soon become a part of!

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