Ensure a Smooth Start to Your School Year With These Back to School Organization Tips

It’s that time of year again. Veteran teachers and newbies alike find themselves scrambling for those last-minute touches on their classroom. With new students to get to know, supplies to sort through, lessons to plan, and a classroom to decorate, it is easy for teachers to become overwhelmed. Make the transition smoother with these five organization tips.

1. Be Versatile with Creative Shelving

When it comes to saving space, it is difficult to find a better solution than shelves. Use large cubbies to organize classroom supplies, such as pencils, crayons, notebooks, and technology. Mail organizers will neatly arrange paper clutter, such as graded assignments and ongoing classroom projects. At the beginning of the year, set up your cubbies with easy-to-read labels that are bright and vibrant to further bring color and fun to the classroom.

Classroom Organizer with Clear Trays by Jonti-Craft


2. Use a Utility Cart for Classroom Mobility

With the age of a static classroom long behind us, it is not uncommon for teachers nowadays to spend the majority of their instructional time moving among their pupils. Utility carts provide easy solutions for teachers who are constantly on-the-go. Load the cart up with supplies and bring it with you to avoid rushing back to a shelf or supply cabinet. Alternatively, the carts make creating stations or facilitating a flexible seating classroom a breeze. Start by using the cart the first day to set out classroom surveys and ice-breaker activities.

Everthing Cart by Smith System

3. Employ Magazine Racks for Administrative Forms

Clinic cards, emergency contact information, and technology registration documents are just a few examples of sensitive materials that teachers are expected to manage during the first month of school. Avoid losing important documents by using a magazine rack. Make sure it is clearly labeled with the form type and due date to further simplify the process.

4. Implement a Daily Calendar with a Functional Whiteboard

When it comes to a classroom, a functional board is a must. Traditionalists may favor the classic chalkboard while teachers with a technological bent may require interactive whiteboards. Luckily, teachers now have a variety of boards available to them and can choose according to their needs. It is beneficial to use the whiteboard as a large calendar so that students can keep up with deadlines and important information.  Begin the year with a detailed calendar on the first day in order to showcase classroom expectations.

Visionary Exo Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Whiteboard by Best-Rite


5. Save Yourself a Headache with a Tidy Desk

Finally, make sure your desk is organized with functional accessories that facilitate easy use and brighten up your class. Don’t be lost on open house searching for a pencil or delay the start of instruction because you can’t find your roster. Keep everything neat and in their dedicated space to lessen the stress of a new school year.


With these tips, your beginning of the year routine is sure to go off without a hitch. After your strong start, be sure to visit our site for more classroom organization accessories.



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