Is Your School Equipped For Collaboration in the Classroom?

Whether you manage the supplies for an elementary school or a high school, a lot of equipment requests are going to be focusing on an increasingly popular theme: collaboration. Common Core has a hefty focus on students’ ability to complete interdisciplinary group projects, and so do most state-based programs.

3-Sided Collaborative Desks by Marco Group

But the wrong desks can get in the way. The next time you need to order desks to replace broken inventory or to expand your district, look for desks with these three elements:


1. A triangular shape instead of a rectangular shape

Three-sided desks are built to be arranged into larger tables and groups that encourage collaborative participation. You can arrange them in circles for group discussions with approximately six students or you can easily section off three-student groups without losing rows or compromising the walking paths in your classroom.

4-Student Collaborative Desk
Create a Collaborative Learning Environment with Balt


2. Detached chairs

The two-in-one design of desks with welded on chairs is becoming a distant memory, and that’s for several good reasons. Not only are these designs bulky and uncomfortable, but they also don’t allow for either quick movement or easy classroom navigation. Classrooms are continuing to shift towards different modes of learning and greater accessibility. Therefore, the need for desks with chairs that can be shifted away, pushed in, and stacked separately is essential.

Enhance Your Classroom with Balt Furniture
Enhance Your Classroom with Collaborative Pods by Balt

3. Enough surface area for a notebook and a laptop

Technology is quickly enhancing interactive learning in the classroom. If your school has assigned a laptop to every student, the desks need to be big enough to hold them. Simultaneously, there also needs to be room for students to write notes and complete worksheets.

Better Learning with Jonti-Craft Furniture
Better Learning with Collaborative Hub Tables by Jonti-Craft

Circular arrangements of triangular desks  or trapezoid desks can really save the day here. Students can push their laptops further back when they need to take notes without them falling to the floor.

Collaborative furniture is sure to enhance your classroom participation. Browse our vast selection of desks, chairs and more at Worthington Direct.

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