Culinary Arts Programs on the Rise

Food blogs, television shows and even Instagram feeds have put the foodie renaissance into full swing.

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Beyond just our social interest in all things edible, National Restaurant Association released some good news last month about the state of the culinary industry. Employment opportunities are looking up and that means schools should start or continue to focus on their culinary arts educational programs.

Even students that plan to pursue other careers later in life, can find great opportunities working their way through college in a professional kitchen.

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Why?   Everywhere you turn there’s something new to eat, and more and more people want to achieve a global palette. The culinary tourism sector happens to be doing exceptionally well too.

Restaurants, hotels and personal chefs may also want to start programs of their own. If you have a collection of special recipes, chances are there are plenty of people that would pay to learn your recipes and cooking techniques.

Share the food love and start your own culinary class today. Whether it’s a full blown instructional course, or a casual evening cooking class, the food hungry audience has never been greater.

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For existing institutions and businesses, starting or revamping a culinary arts educational program is relatively easy. It all begins with purchasing the right culinary arts equipment.

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At Worthington Direct, we can help interested entrepreneurs and schools obtain that piece of the cake. Our collection of culinary program related furnishings includes essential items like:

  • Equipment Stands, Dunnage Racks
  • Stainless steel Sinks, Tables and Shelving
  • Restaurant & Cafe Tables and Chairs
  • Assorted Racks, Carts and Stands
  • Dry Erase Whiteboards and Chalkboards
  • Seminar Tables, Podiums and Lecterns
  • Stages and Risers for Graduation


The stainless steel tables are the preferred kitchen worksurface for general food prep. They have T-430 stainless steel tops, are easy to clean and are NSF Certified, which may be a requirement in your culinary program.

Stainless Steel Culinary Arts Kitchen Table

Many culinary arts cooking schools have in-house restaurants for gaining real-life dining experiences for new chefs, and front of the house staff. Training restaurants can be small, large, formal or casual. Look for restaurant quality chairs and tables to create the perfect practice field for your culinary students.

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Once the culinary arts equipment is in place, all that’s needed are teachers and course materials. Voice of America reports that ethnic foods are tops on many people’s lists. So, educators may want to consider creating curriculums that include courses on ethnic cooking. Examples include classes on Latin American, European and Asia-Pacific foods.

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To learn more about finding the best equipment for culinary arts educational programs, please contact us at Worthington Direct today. Volume, custom bid price quotes are readily available for culinary schools and businesses that are interested.

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