Culinary Arts Educational Programs: Furnishings and Equipment For The Artist’s Kitchen

Art is messy, and not just for creators like Jackson Pollock and Julia Child. From paint spatters to ink smears to handmade aioli, chaos is part of the creative process for most artists. But at the end of the day, the paintbrushes have to be washed, the nails cleaned, and the pans scoured. Domestic sinks struggle to accommodate many of the tools involved in artistic professions, and sanitation is always an issue. Thankfully, Worthington Direct created a new section of culinary equipment to satisfy all your artistic needs!

From stainless steel sinks to spacious sheet pan racks to sturdy workbenches, Worthington Direct’s products can provide a stabler, more reliable way to create and clean up. Draw fearlessly on a wood workbench; store your paint on a chrome wire shelving unit; sanitize your dishes in a National Sanitation Foundation-approved hand sink.


With unique pieces like the high-low bench by Shain, Worthington Direct meets your needs in a brand new area of industrial and domestic furnishing.



Worthington Direct’s section of equipment is designed specifically for Culinary Arts educational programs, has been approved by the NSF for all your sanitation needs, whether professional or domestic. Like most of Worthington Direct’s products, much of the equipment in this section is made by Shain, and bears Worthington Direct’s nearly two-decade-old reputation of customer satisfaction. So whether you’re replacing outdated, faulty equipment in a culinary academy or upgrading your domestic art space, Worthington Direct has the furnishings for you.

Wondering which sink is the best fit for your space, or how much weight our heavy-duty shelving can bear? If so, please contact us – we’re delighted to help you build a kitchen or art space you’ll love.

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