Create a Cozy Classroom Reading Corner

How do you feel when you curl up in bed with your favorite novel and a warm cup of coffee or tea? As adults, we are familiar with the relaxing, cozy feeling of reading a great book in a comfortable place. An inviting and comfortable classroom reading corner can spark this love of reading in young learners. With the right design and classroom furniture, any part of the classroom can be transformed into an inviting, comfy reading space that students will love to revisit time and time again.

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Children Enjoying a Book with the Comfy Reading Center by Childrens Factory

Here are some important design elements to keep in mind while planning your classroom reading corner:

Make it Comfy

Strive to keep the seating as comfortable as possible for the student by utilizing soft surfaces and flexible seating like bean bag chairs or padded seats. When a student is worried about their back or legs hurting, they are distracted from the book in their hands. Comfortable classroom furniture encourages students to relax and simply enjoy their time in the reading corner.


Cocoon Bean Bag by Jaxx

Keep it Cozy

The reading environment should feel cozy and warm so that students associate reading time with a calm body and a content mind. A variety of big and small floor pillows, a soft rug, and a throw blanket for chilly days are all simple touches to make the reading area feel very inviting. Remember to provide the area with sufficient lighting to protect students’ eyes from strain, perhaps by adding a standing floor lamp.

Cozy Woodland Pillows by the Children’s Factory


Catch their Eye

Now that the students are comfortable, catch their eye with a great book display. Use shelving that allows students to quickly and easily locate books that appeal to them. A two-sided book truck is a great way to show off a large variety of books so that every student can find the perfect fit for them. Additionally, a fun bulletin board display can offer suggestions to students about new books in the collection or feature teacher favorites.

Birch Display & Store Mobile Book Cart by ECR4Kids


An inviting classroom reading corner can help a student to discover a lifelong joy of reading. Contact us to inspire your students today!

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