Colleges and Universities Seeing the Benefits of Active Seating

Higher education institutions often pave the way for the rest of educational trends, and one of the latest investments colleges and universities are making is providing active seating options for students.

The benefits of active seating are two-fold. First, the life of a student is a fairly sedentary lifestyle. There’s a lot of time sitting while in class and studying, and students need to make a conscious effort to be active. Without time for extra-curriculars, students often choose active seating options so they can multi-task and burn calories while studying.

Second, higher education facilities know that not all people learn the same way. Everyone’s brain works differently, and some people are auditory learners, while others are visual. There’s a fair amount of people who are kinesthetic learners, and the simple act of moving the body while studying reinforces learning.

There are many unique options that allow learners to move while learning. Many schools are trying out options such as treadmill desks, cycling desks, or standing desks.

But colleges, as well as secondary and elementary schools need to know that they don’t necessarily need to throw out their desks and start over. By simply investing in some active seating options, students can not only learn, but move at the same time. These are also more ergonomic options than traditional chairs.

Options such as Hokki Stools or Zenergy Ball Chairs allow the movement that students crave. We all know students who are constantly rocking back in their traditional chairs. Teachers are realizing students aren’t doing this because they like being constantly reminded to sit still, but because they crave movement. A Zuma Rocker Chair is the perfect solution for these students.

Students of all ages have different learning styles, and some learn better while moving. Others just want to be healthier, and seating options that allow movement and engage the core muscles while studying are a preferred option. To find out more about active seating options, contact us.

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