Changing Tables and Portable Handwashing Sinks for Classrooms and Businesses

Portable sinks for classrooms are quickly gaining in popularity in the new COVID-19 reality. However, did you know that changing tables and portable handwashing sinks are not just for classrooms but also for businesses that want to boost hygiene in their restrooms? What are your options?

Clad Stainless Steel Horizontal Wall Changing Station by Foundations

Changing Table with Sink by Tot Mate Changes the Ways Childcare Centers Operate

The face of childcare is changing rapidly. There is a shift from the family-run in-home daycare to the use of facilities. Considering that more and more organizations are stepping up to meet the demand, it is essential to retrofit these spaces with suitable changing tables.


One such model is the changing table with sink by Tot Mate. It includes a single-piece top with a safety belt, an attached sink that hooks into an existing water supply, and a scratch-resistant laminate that makes regular cleaning and disinfecting quick and easy. By providing a handwashing opportunity at the point of diaper changing completion, you support hygiene and reduce the possibility of fecal-spread disease.

Clean Hands Handwashing Station by Jonti-Craft for Indoor and Outdoor Classrooms

Teachers are accustomed to taking younger students to bathrooms for handwashing. However, in the interest of social distancing, this might not be a feasible solution any longer. Therefore, consider the addition of a clean hands handwashing station by Jonti-Craft.

Made of plastic or stainless steel, the product features ADA-compliant handles and safe edges. A five-gallon clean water tank and a six-gallon wastewater tank allow for larger groups of children to wash their hands. It is an excellent choice for instructors, coaches, and after-school workers, too. Because you can move the sinks to the needed locations, they go wherever you need them to be.

Clean Hands Handwashing Station by Jonti-Craft

Best of all you can accessorize these stations to make them more functional for your setting. A good example is the step up stool by Jonti-Craft, which gives also smaller children a chance to use the sinks. In this way, they do not require adult assistance with reaching. For added safety, these stools feature non-skid stripes and rubberized feet.

Step Up Stool by Jonti-Craft

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