Carpets for Children – New Product Spotlight

Okay, this should be fun. Who doesn’t love a little kid-friendly art on the floors? They’re inviting, educational, and right now- warm. New designs have been introduced by classroom carpet makers Joy Carpets, Carpets for Kids, Flagship Carpets, and Learning Carpets.

Let’s explore them by age!

New Classroom Carpet Designs for Kids

Infants & Babies

Introduce infants and crawling babies to a cushioned and stimulating patch amid your nursery and infant spaces. High contrast designs are great for brain development in infants.

Traffic Jam High Contrast Baby Room Rugs by Joy Carpets

 Bold, graphic shapes in contrasting colors provide something simple for babies to focus on and study.

Fancy Prancy Graphic Turtle Baby Room Rug by Flagship Carpets

Look for carpeted rugs that have solids, stripes or patterns that match your room’s color theme, or select one that stands out as an accent piece. Classroom carpets

City Block Graphic Shapes Kid's Rug by Joy Carpets

PRO TIP: Carpets designed for classroom are tested to pass safety standards and are cleared by the EPA or other third-party testing labs to ensure that these rugs limit off-gassing, and exhibit allergen particle control and flammability regulations. Look for these indicators when purchasing commercial grade carpets that you may not always see when looking at standard consumer grade kid’s rugs.


Toddlers are all over the floor.
They’re short, their toys are there, and they fall down a lot.

Make your floor a place where they can interact with their toys. Have group play time in a town built by pure imagination, and a little help from a neighborhood designed carpet.

My Community Toddler Play Mat Rug by Joy Carpets

If the weather is bad outside, bring the outdoors in with a bubbling brook, a romp in the jungle, or a trip to the ocean.

Friendly Fish Kids Classroom Rug by Joy Carpets

PRO TIP: Carpets come in several sizes and include additional shapes besides a rectangle, such as an oval, circle or semi circle. Always measure your space and consider the rug size and shape that will suit your room the best. Use masking tape to outline the dimensions if you need visual help prior to purchasing a classroom carpet.

Jungle Peeps Oval Kids Rug by Joy Carpets

Preschool Students

Once children begin preschool introduce them to carpets that reinforces things they are learning, like counting and the alphabet.

There are a large number of ABC and 123 carpets to choose from.

Sunny Day Learn and Play Kids Rug by Carpets for Kids

During this age, they are learning like a sponge takes on water. Try an alternative carpet with lessons in sign language.

Hands That Teach Sign Language Kids Rug by Flagship Carpets

Explore a new language. It is becoming more and more desirable to be bilingual, and now’s the time to ingrain a foreign language into those growing minds.

Smarty Spanish Bilingual Kids Rug by Learning Carpets
Pro Tip: Carpet Squares are available in several designs so that children and lay out the alphabet in order, match animals with their appropriate starting letters. They also make for great place holders when you want to assign floor seating to each student.

Elementary Students

Elementary and Primary aged students know their ABCs, can count to 5 million, and know what the Spanish word for cat is gato.

Get to know your geography. Students coming back from summer vacation can tell you they took a road trip to Montana, but let them show you the route they took. Provide them with a central place to discuss past and future cross-country excursions.

My America Doodle Kids Rug by Flagship Carpets

Moving well beyond our continent, it’s time for space adventures. Take your students to outer obit and explore the planets.

Solar System Orbit Kids Rug by Flagship Carpets

This is also an age where students are beginning music lessons and your music rooms really come to life. Welcome your young virtuosos with a music rug designed to help learn read music and celebrate sound.

Fun with Music Room Rug by Flagship Carpets

PRO TIP: While carpets are designed for the floor, there are no rules that say you cannot hang them on the wall to create an instant mural or graphic statement. This is an easy way to change the theme of your classroom or child’s room, without having to grab a paint brush or thirty pads of construction paper. Build a custom frame using wood trim, and voila, you have just set yourself up for compliments.

Upper Level & Adults

Classroom carpets are available in patterns and designs that are suited for high school libraries, social commons areas, or even the boardroom. Commercial flooring is sometimes hard and not something you can easily replace if you are just a tenant leasing office space.

Quinn Ombre Office Rug Design by Flagship Carpets


PRO TIP: Maybe your advertising agency is looking for an unexpected rug to anchor your funky design aesthetic? Try incorporating a nod of nostalgia with a kid’s carpet.

Handwriting Sampler Rug by Flagship Carpets
When possible consider a classroom rug, whatever age students you teach. They are great teaching aides and can provide fun, easy entertainment for those that walk or crawl upon them. Plus, they really can tie the room together.

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